About Cognived

Who we are

We are a company filled with innovators & technologists, we help clients to adopt digital processes and innovative engagement models to transform their businesses to the next level.

Our exceptional experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise delivers transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and startups.

We offer end to end design, custom application development and digital transformation services across Cloud, Mobility, BI, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Product Engineering, Testing, and Artificial Intelligence.

Cognived company approach

Our Approach

We highlight and address three key silos for success through our company approach, values and tight-knit team.

Consumer Based Design

We identify and understand pain points and areas of improvement for each customer and domain We merge our design-thinking and consumer behavior skills with deep domain knowledge to build a solid platform solution

tick icon Digital transformation

We diversify our technology solves spanning across Cloud deployment solutions, Artificial Intelligence engines, and Analytics

Synchronizing current processes with automation-based technology to make the entire span of cross-enterprise workflows more optimized and less erroneous.

tick icon Speed and Agility

We focus on quick-to-market solutions that are built on strong foundational technology

We identify impact and quality of solves - ensuring best cost-effective outcome for our partners and customers

Cognived Authenticity Awareness and Agility

Our values

We believe in the continuous cycle of learning and acquiring knowledge, and our base values drive our company and our partnerships/collaborations with customers and their needs. Our values follow the simple 3A policy:

Authenticity - how do you build a genuine solve? Identify the problem statement, create and support clear communication and collaboration, and continue to work towards our three silos of success.

Awareness - how do you ensure you’ve built a solution for a problem? Highlight any gaps in understanding, continue to invest and drive technology designs and keep the holistic mindset.

Agility - how do you provide continuous quality? Leverage the agile working style, embrace pivoting solutions to fit a customer need, and be ready to get involved in every step of our solution.

Our above core values give us a basis for our leadership and employees to make daily decisions and help us relish our time at work. Sounds so easy right!

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