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Cognived fosters an environment of continual learning and team cooperation in order to foster an environment of individual and professional progress. Cognived acknowledges accomplishment through official employee award programs, which are administered quarterly and yearly. Click below to see out current openings

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Internship opportunities (CLap)

CLaP(Cognived Launch Pad) is our all-weather internship program designed to give final and Pre final year engineering college students a launch pad into an IT Career. We understand the fact that not everyone has access to technical opportunities due to myriad reasons; thus, we provide opportunity and exposure through hands-on learning and mentorship alongside our technical staff. CLaP interns will get an opportunity to interact with our clients, get professional development from our IT staff and help influence decisions that impact our business and our client’s missions.

We don't assign our interns to arbitrary side projects; instead, our CLaP interns work alongside our technical teams and gain direct exposure to real-world initiatives.

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