customer-centric services and digital transformation in Healthcare IT

Manohar K

Manohar brings many years of expertise and experience in complex large-scale healthcare IT. He helps his team create customer-centric services and solutions that generate immense value for clients’ businesses. Previously, He worked for large healthcare clients in USA and brings in immense domain knowledge in healthcare space.

At Cognived, he is involved in accelerating digital transformation in Healthcare IT through the use of Cloud, clinical business Intelligence, APIs and Machine learning technologies.

He is a visionary with a strong background in implementation, business architecture, digital technologies, and design.

Operational strategy, goals, operating plans and policies for our IT Services

Soujanya B

Soujanya is a versatile management and technical professional with experience overseeing and running large scale multi-location IT projects. She comes with proven skills and emotional intelligence to tap into the power and talent that each member of the team brings to the organization’s mission, while emphasizing the importance of having a modest culture.

At Cognived, she is accountable for effective management, operational oversight and Project delivery in our services business. She is involved in developing Operational strategy, goals, operating plans and policies for our IT Services business. She is in charge of what we build, how we build it, and the investments we make in tools & teams to make our day to day operations more effective and efficient.

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